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School Psychologist

School Psychologist


Full Time Position, within COOR Intermediate School District Area


Per Master Agreement Salary Schedule.


Health, dental, vision, life and disability insurance.

Reports to:

Director of Special Education and/or Local Building Principal


Currently certified by the Michigan Department of Education, Office of Professional Preparation and Certification Services as a School Psychologist  or  eligible for temporary approval.

Apply to:

Marc Wills, Ed.S
Director of Special Education
COOR Intermediate School District
11051 N. Cut Road, P.O.. Box 827
Roscommon, MI 48653-0827

Application Process:

Submit your Resume’ and Letter of Interest electronically at indeed.com. Open until filled. 

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Starting Date:


Posting Date:

July 11, 2017

Please apply online: http://www.indeedjobs.com/coor-intermediate-school-district


Orientation & Mobility Specialist

Orientation & Mobility Specialist




Provide Orientation and Mobility services to blind, deaf-blind, or visually impaired students to enable them to attain systematic orientation to, and safe movement within, their environments in school, home and community. Also provides consultative services to support students with visual impairments integrated into community school settings.


This combination job has two distinct but overlapping service models. The Teacher Consultant for the Visually Impaired provides indirect consultative services to teachers and other service providers, administrators, and parents of children with visual impairments. These indirect services include individual, classroom, or building-wide consulting. These consultative services focus on the academic, behavioral and social environment of the child, and are designed to assist the child, parents, and staff to improve their skills. The teacher consultant is expected to become involved in the pre-referral process of the local district they are assigned. Also, the teacher consultant will work with the Assistive Technology Consultant with any Assistive Technology recommended by the student’s IEP Team. The O&M consultant assists visually impaired students, parents, and staff in movement in the student’s educational environment. This position is considered at risk for exposure to Hepatitis B and may come in contact with hazardous chemicals.



  • When directed by the Superintendent / Designee, assist in the identification, evaluation, and educational placement, or students with visual impairments including providing appropriate Orientation and Mobility assessments, individualized instruction, family support, professional consultation and collaboration, and community education.
  • Participate as a member of the IEPT (Individualized Educational Planning Team) when appointed by the Superintendent / Designee.
  • Participate as a member of the M.E.T. (Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team) when appointed by the Superintendent / Designee.
  • Provide ongoing educational assessment (after program eligibility has been established).
  • Develop educational activities and provide direct instruction to students.
  • Select and adapt materials and equipment to provide special education instruction with the consultation of ancillary staff.
  • Develop and update performance objectives in writing and in specific and measurable terms for each student on caseload. All performance objectives are to be based on instructional goals as specified by IEP and update with progress report every nine (9) weeks, or as often as general education report cards.
  • As directed by the IEP:
  • Provide / support sequential instruction to individuals with visual impairment in the use of their remaining senses to determine their position within the environment and in techniques for safe movement from one place to another.
  • Provide support services to supplement regular class instruction including planning, programming, coordinating, and providing special education and regular education instruction to teachers and students.
  • Provide instructional services to an impaired student supportive of the regular or special education teacher. Such services will allow a student to be educated effectively within a regular classroom.
  • Select and adapt materials to implement supplementary regular and special education instruction.
  • Provide pre-referral consultation to regular education personnel, as per the May 1987 Michigan Department of Education publication, “State Board Approved Procedures for Pre-referral Consultation”.
  • Provide in-service training to ISD and local school staff, parents, and community agencies, as directed by the Superintendent / Designee.
  • Follow the ACVREP (Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Education Professionals) Code of Ethics.
  • Organize time, energy, and workload in order to meet responsibilities and complete assignments with due consideration of priorities among various responsibilities as approved by supervisor.
  • Will establish and maintain open communications with all parents, staff, administrators and outside agencies involved with the students.
  • Maintain accurate records in a manner consistent with State and Federal Law as required by the intermediate school district and local educational agency, including monthly caseload reports.
  • Maintain a cooperative, harmonious relationship with professionals and others within the school setting which fosters recognition and respect for every individual.
  • Perform such tasks as the building principal / supervisor may request in order to promote cooperative team work.
  • Follow school building rules and procedures outlined by building principal.
  • Employee will follow all health and safety rules, policies and procedures.
  • Perform duties according to COOR safety and health policies.
  • Keep work area in a neat and organized manner, and surrounding areas clean and orderly to maintain health and safety according to COOR policies.
  • Participate in school improvement activities such as curriculum development committee, positive behavior support committee, etc.
  • Physically capable of performing CPI (Crisis Prevention Intervention) techniques, lifting and positioning students.
  • Knowledge of common safety hazards and necessary safety precautions for the self and others, sufficient to be able to establish a safe work environment. Ability to use the principles of safety and to perform skills protecting the health and safety of self, students and other co-workers.
  • This position is considered “at risk” for exposure to blood-borne pathogens. An awareness of potential risk and good practice in relation to “infection control” is necessary.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the Michigan Right-to-Know law and its practices.


C.O.O.R. Intermediate School District Area  Crawford, Oscoda, Ogemaw, and Roscommon Counties. Includes Grayling, Fairview, Mio, West Branch, Rose City, Houghton Lake, and Roscommon as well as Charlton Heston Academy.


Assistive Technology Devices, Computer, Printer, Copier, Fax Machine



  • Possession of a State of Michigan Special Education Approval as a Teacher Consultant for students with visual impairment as defined in the Michigan Administrative Rules of Special Education.
  • ACVREP Certification as an Orientation and Mobility Specialist.



  • Participate in cooperative planning with outside agencies, special education ancillary personnel, parents of handicapped students involved, and administrators.
  • Assume responsibility for keeping informed of current developments in own field and related fields of special education and maintain readiness to adapt to change.
  • Model Specific instructional methods for regular and special education teachers serving students with disabilities as may be requested.
  • Maintain continuing liaison with, and be highly visible to, regular education class teachers and administration.

Application Process:

Submit your Resume’ and Letter of Interest electronically at indeed.com. Open until filled. 

Address your cover letter to: 

Marc Wills, Ed.S
Director of Special Education
11051 N. Cut Rd
Roscommon, MI 48653

Starting Date:


Posting Date:

September 5, 2017




Northeast Michigan MiSTEM Regional Director


The MiSTEM Regional Director shall have duties and responsibilities which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  •  Support the creation of a strategic plan of work for the region, in collaboration with all stakeholders.
  • Grow the common understanding of what STEM means that is inclusive of all stakeholders and ensures all activities are relevant and accessible in the region.
  • Support in shaping the statewide vision, strategy, and goals in collaboration with other regional and state-level voices.
  • Grant reporting, including the use of reporting within Michigan’s Data Hub
  • Coordinating efforts between the MiSTEM Network, Top 10 in 10, and ESSA

Minimum requirement of Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s preferred.

Terms of Employment: 93 days for April 9, 2018 – September 30, 2018. 185 days/year
thereafter, including some summer work days.

See full job description and apply at http://www.amaesd.org/about-us/job-opportunities/

AMA ESD is an equal employment opportunity/equal educational opportunity agency. The district does not discriminate in its hiring practices.

Transportation/ Bus Drivers and Aides

Bus Drivers can check for job postings at Dean Transportation Jobs Site

The COOR Intermediate School District gives notice that it does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, age, height, weight, political belief, religious belief, marital status, or disability in the education programs and activities operated by the District, including employment. The following persons have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policies: Marc Wills, Director of Special Education, and/or Gregory A. Bush, Superintendent, 11051 N Cut Rd, PO Box 827, Roscommon MI 48653, (989) 275-9555.