Scholarship Program

COOR/Iosco Great Start Scholarship Program

Please note: The Preschool Scholarship application for 2017-2018 will not be available until beginning of September. 

Parent Information: 

Important Rules About Tuition-free Early Care/ Preschool

There are rules that all of the child care and preschool programs that are receiving state and/or federal funding have to follow when it comes to how and where kids who are eligible for tuition-free preschool are placed. 

These rules are based on government requirements that we (all government funded programs) MUST follow.  In our area, this includes:   Head Start; and Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP- for 4-year-olds), which is full-day, tuition-free preschool funded by the State of Michigan, with no cost to parents, if income eligible.

The federal government’s main rule for Head Start (HS) programs is that all children who are income-eligible are placed in HS programs FIRST, UNTIL THEY ARE FULL & HAVE A WAITING LIST.  Then, for 4-year-olds, if Head Start is not an option, the local GSRP must be explored to see if your child is eligible for the program.

Family Eligibility

Families who are eligible to receive a Great Start Preschool Scholarship:

  • Your child is within the age range of 3-4 years old by September 1st
  • Your child is not age eligible for kindergarten 
  • Your family income must fall within 400% of the poverty guidelines
  • You have first applied to Head Start or Great Start Readiness Preschool Program through the intake form ( or have a personal need for attending a private preschool.
  • You must live in Crawford, Oscoda, Ogemaw, Roscommon, or Iosco County

Steps for applying for a Great Start Preschool Application:

COOR/Iosco Great Start Collaborative
PO BOX 827
Roscommon, MI 48653


By email to: Chris Tappan at or Amy Coulter at

  1. Fill out an application at:
  2. If denied acceptance into a Head Start or GSRP then complete the scholarship application and send proof of income to preferable your most recent 1040: