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Professional Development Courses are available at no cost to COOR Area K-12 Teachers unless indicated otherwise. Educators from surrounding ISDs may also participate in our roundtables and learning opportunities at a minimal cost. Our discussions will be enhanced by participation from educators from Iosco RESA, COP ESD and other neighboring ISDs and RESAs. We do charge a $5.00 processing fee to earn SCECHs in many offerings.

COOR Professional Learning Registration System 

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Step-by-step guide for registering in our system

If you're having trouble registering for any COOR ISD events, please check our How-to document: 
Step-by-step guide for registering in our system

If you are new to the system, you will need to create your own account.   As of August 1, 2015, in order for SCECHs to register properly, you must have your PIC number.  When you set up your profile account, include your PIC number (select Yes to the question of "are you required to obtain SCECHs..." and the PIC field will appear).  If you want past SCECHs to be transferred to the new state system, be sure your PIC number is in the Secure Central Registry system.  

Instructions for finding your PIC number 

If you should need assistance, please contact Shannon Rea at pdhelp@coorisd.net or you can watch our video tutorial including creating a user account.

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