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COOR Math Science Center

The Center

The Center is one of the 33 regional centers in the Michigan Mathematics and Science Centers Network. Collectively, centers provide leadership, curriculum support, professional learning, and student services to educators in local school districts. Some centers also serve as a resource clearinghouse for educational materials and information, and work to foster community involvement in the areas of mathematics and science. The Network supports the delivery of high-quality mathematics and science education for the students of Michigan. The long-term mission of the Center is to foster systemic improvements in mathematics and science education.


Efforts of the COOR Mathematics and Science Center are guided by a five-year plan. The current plan was reviewed by an external review team comprised of Michigan Department of Education Specialists and the Directors from other Science Centers in the state. 


COOR Mathematics and Science Center, through a partnership with SAMPI prepares an annual report of its activities and accomplishments each year.